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About Me

I am Vivien, I create interactive systems for the audio industry, finding innovative ways of adapting and enhancing traditional audio media for the modern digital landscape. While my specialization lies in mixing and mastering, my skill set is diverse, extending into the visual and interactive aspects of sound, offering a holistic approach to audio production. Most notably, within my work in developing virtual instruments.

Filmic Showreel

My showreel focussing on audio for film. I am responsible for all audio and music with the exception of Patina, where I didn’t make the score, but rather did the final master for it. For Lotus I fulfilled all roles, including directing, cinematography etc.

The hole in the stomach

I worked on the music, sound design and partly the video edit for work in progress film Hålet i magen (2024).

RFSL Uppsala Promo

I made the promo video for RFSL Uppsala’s volunteer campaign (2024), including the logo animation present at the end of the video.

Ironbound Score

I was sound designer and composer for Ironbound (2021), a film which sadly never fully went into production due to the covid-19 pandemic. The score:


I did post-sound, dialogue clean up and final mix (as well as mastering for the score) for Patina (2020) a film which aimed to frame the beauty of old age in a personal and progressive manner. It won best east Anglian film at Norwich film festival.


Lotus (2023) is a film by me addressing the dichotomy of the digital age. There is a scene included in the showreel.

Mixing & Mastering

I have experience both with the Avid S6 mixer and analogue SSL consoles.

If I were a Dream

A song by Hampus Ekebjär, that I recorded, mixed and mastered (acoustic example).

This Feeling

A song by A. Whales that I mixed and mastered (electronic example).

dBs Pro Internship

Intern at the dBs Pro studio in Bristol (2022), creating soundscapes and effects for the video game The Kraken Wakes.

Instruments & Effects

This section includes instruments and effects I have built.

Interactive granular texture synthesiser

Interactive synth built with Faust and TouchDesigner. Including an Interview with Stanford graduate David Braun, who wrote the TD_Faust operator that is used in the project.

Cassette Piano

A C. Bechstein piano I sampled from the dBS Pro Bristol studio and then reprocessed through old dying cassette tapes, made a sample pack from and uploaded to the pianobook sample pack sharing website.

FM Synthesiser

An FM synth, including reverb using nested allpass-filters written in the domain-specific DSP language Faust (functional audiostream).