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Vivien’s Showreel

My showreel focussing on audio for film. I am responsible for all audio and music with the exception of Patina, where I didn’t make the score, but rather did the final master for it. For Lotus I fulfilled all roles, including directing, cinematography etc.

Ironbound Score

I was sound designer and composer for Ironbound (2021), a film which sadly never fully went into production due to the covid-19 pandemic. The score however still exists:


I did post-sound, dialogue clean up and final mix (as well as mastering for the score) for Patina (2020) a film which aimed to frame the beauty of old age in a personal and progressive manner. It won best east Anglian film at Norwich film festival.


Lotus (2020) is a film by me addressing the dichotomy of the digital age. It’s production got suddenly halted during the start of the pandemic and hence never got finished. There is a scene included in the showreel.

Memoria Technica

An experimental short film about memory. All shots are the results of physically manipulating DV-tape, while the soundscapes are made by live sampling organic objects and general foley and field recording work.