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Digital Instruments

interactive granular texture synthesiser

An interactive granular texture synthesiser built in TouchDesigner, utilising real time signal processing with the domain-specific language Faust (functional audiostream), and the corresponding TD_Faust operator.

FM Synthesiser

An FM synthesiser that I built in Faust, including a reverb.

Physical Instruments

Cassette Piano

This is a C. Bechstein piano I sampled from the dBS Pro Bristol studio and then reprocessed through an old dying cassette tape, made a sample pack from and uploaded to the Pianobook sample pack sharing website.


I rebuilt my walkman by soldering multiple potentiometers to the trimmer, intended to keep the speed at a consistent place. You can switch between them with buttons. If you now load the walkman with a tapeloop containing a single repeating tone, you can tune the buttons by adjusting the pots.